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ammit! K seemed delighted to meet E, we all sat around drinking water in some hammocks overlooking the sea, when the bar closed. I went with K, while T went to my hotel. He said he had thrown all the time KE last time I was here. T told me that although it offers all the time, was faithful to his girlfriend, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight. This was too much for the next 3rat few nights. But things changed. On the last night and went to the 3rat disco Lagomar on the island that I go to get drunk and let my hair was. I was surprised when KT appeared later in the evening. I and T were dancing all night, and when the slow dances came to be, I feel that it is difficult for me, apologized, 3rat but it just came out and said I wanted to hit you from the time they fuck. I was surprised when he said:I had my friend made a bet with him that could not get into my pants because I was happily married. He had tried to play well, but I was desperate. Now I know that was the drink, but passionately kissed him and put my hand on his penis. I whispered to him to take a taxi. return, the taxi ri
Quotes de seemed an eternity. We kissed in the back as I walked down the panties aside and touched me (no one had done this to me, since I got married). I opened his fly and wow I was playing with his cock. Once in the room it was an animal, threw me on the bed and told me to suck his dick, looked as if he had tried to 3rat silence me because he was very aggressive. Just as he had entered, went out and vomited. That actually has 3rat ripped my panties and took me roughly from behind. God was good. He 3rat began to say things like, how do you think is dirty cock whore married and Spanish. Yes, I always answer yes. He handed me on my back and had his cell phone into a video. What a're doing, I cried. He replied : I need a test for me to win the bet, and I need your face in it. What the hell I was thinking as he pounded me. My face must have looked a picture, and it exploded in my pussy. Wow, I lost the number of orgasms she had that night. I never tell my friend who knew of the bet. My husband thinks I had a really good time. My friend asked me to g away anytime soon. I'm tempted, but do not want discovered.


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Last year my friend asked me if I would go on vacation with her to Lanzarote. Generally, the type possessive my husband was not so happy with that, but when I was a little sloppy, most recently executed, he thought I could give something good. 39 I have black hair, slim with 34c breasts and very attractive. My friend E is found in early and stunna Thirtys East. I assured my husband, who has just taken a relaxing time. It turned out that I knew the local bar / night club owner in Playa Blanca, as before. He said if there is going to be a lot of free drinks were obtained. Confident enough to wait two single women, came quickly to the offers of drinks, my friend was willing to accept. I must admit I felt uncomfortable, but my friend had to lick. In any case, as we have rejected all the progress I thought I was doing anything wrong. Towards the end of the second night, the bar owner arrived with his manager, who had been on 3rat a business trip. K, the owner was in his late half of the 30- build, t, but the manager was great and the mid- 20's men with beautiful flowing hair. I must admit I thought I wouldnt mind him,d